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UK Dog Behaviour & Training Charter

International Canine Behaviourists (ICB) is a proud founder member of the UK Dog Behaviour & Training Charter™


The UK Dog Behaviour & Training Charter™ represents a significant step towards establishing standards and accountability within the dog training and behaviour profession, particularly in a field that lacks formal regulation in the UK. Its creation and adoption by leading behaviour and training organisations demonstrate a collective commitment to promoting humane, science-based approaches to dog training and behaviour modification. This initiative not only aims to protect dogs from outdated and potentially harmful practices, but also serves as a guide for dog owners seeking qualified professionals.

By uniting under the Charter, these organisations and their members are making a clear statement about the importance of ethical practices, ongoing education, and the welfare of the animals in their care. The Charter's emphasis on positive reinforcement techniques aligns with modern understanding of animal learning and behaviour, which has been shown to be effective and beneficial for both dogs and their guardians.

For professionals in the field, adhering to the Charter and becoming a signatory can enhance credibility and trust with clients. It signifies a commitment to best practices and a willingness to be held accountable to a set of standards and ethics. This could be especially valuable in an industry where the ability to distinguish oneself as a knowledgeable and responsible professional is crucial.

For dog owners, the Charter offers reassurance that they are choosing a professional who is dedicated to humane and effective training methods. It provides a benchmark for evaluating potential trainers and behaviourists, ensuring that their practices are not only effective but also prioritize the dog's well-being.

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