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At ICB, we are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of professional conduct and ethics within the field of canine behaviour. We understand that trust, transparency, and accountability are the cornerstones of our relationship with both the public and our professional members. It is with this understanding that we approach every aspect of our operation, including our complaints procedure.


We recognise the importance of addressing concerns and grievances in a manner that is respectful, thorough, and fair. Our complaints procedure is designed to ensure that any issues raised are investigated comprehensively and resolved in a manner that upholds the integrity of our profession and protects the welfare of dogs and their owners.

Why Your Feedback Matters

Your feedback, including complaints, is invaluable to us. It helps us to not only address and rectify specific concerns, but also to continuously improve our standards and practices. By sharing your experiences, you contribute to the betterment of canine behaviour practice, reinforcing our commitment to excellence and the ongoing education of our members.

How to Submit a Complaint

If you have a concern regarding one of our members or aspects of our organisation, we encourage you to come forward. We assure you that all complaints are received with seriousness and considered confidentiality. To submit a complaint, please follow the detailed steps outlined below. We have simplified the process to ensure it is accessible and straightforward, allowing you to provide us with all necessary information to undertake a thorough investigation.

  1. Filling Out the Complaints Form: Start by completing our complaints form. We ask for specific details of the complaint to understand the issue fully. This includes your name, contact details, and the name of the ICB member the complaint is about.

  2. Submitting Additional Evidence: If you have evidence that supports your complaint, such as correspondence or other documents, please email it to us at the provided address. This evidence can be crucial in understanding the context and specifics of the issue at hand.


Thanks for your feedback. We will be in touch shortly

Our Commitment to You

Once we receive your complaint, it enters a structured process designed to ensure fairness and thoroughness. You will be contacted by a member of the ICB Board, who may request further information. We aim to initiate this contact within 5 days of receiving your complaint, marking the start of our in-depth investigation.


We are here to support you through this process. Our goal is not only to resolve the issue you've raised but also to uphold the standards that define ICB. By choosing to submit a complaint, you are playing a vital role in maintaining the quality and integrity of canine behaviour practice. We thank you for your trust and your commitment to the welfare of dogs and their human companions.

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