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Enhancing Pet Insurance with ICB Certified Canine Behaviourists

International Canine Behaviourists (ICB) offers an opportunity for insurance companies to enhance their pet insurance offerings by including coverage for services provided by our certified canine behaviourists (CAB-ICB). In a competitive landscape where pet guardians increasingly value comprehensive care, providing policies that encompass affordable behavioural consultations and interventions sets your company apart as a leader in animal welfare and customer service.

Why Incorporate ICB Certified Behaviourist Services in Your Policies?

Mitigated Risk

Behavioural issues can lead to relinquishment or even euthanasia, not to mention the potential for liability and property damage claims. Incorporating behavioural consultations and interventions in your coverage helps mitigate these risks, contributing to safer, happier homes for dogs and their families.


Competitive Edge 

Distinguish your offerings in a crowded market by covering a broader spectrum of pet care needs, including behavioural health. This move not only attracts discerning dog owners but also cements your position as a comprehensive canine welfare advocate.


Enhanced Customer Loyalty

Dog owners are actively seeking insurance policies that offer extensive coverage, including for behavioural health. Meeting this need can significantly boost customer satisfaction and loyalty, encouraging long-term retention.

Our Certified Canine Behaviourists (CAB-ICB)

As a founding member of the UK Dog Behaviour and Training Charter, ICB certified canine behaviourists are rigorously trained professionals committed to the highest standards of ethical behavioural management and modification. They specialise in a range of behavioural issues, employing force-free and fear-free evidence-based practices to achieve the best outcomes for dogs and their guardians.

How It Works

Flexible Coverage Options

We collaborate with you to craft coverage options that integrate seamlessly into your existing pet insurance products, from basic behaviour consultation coverage to comprehensive packages encompassing extensive behavioural support programmes.

Streamlined Referral and Claims Process

Our network of certified behaviourists provides the necessary documentation and support for an efficient referral and claims process, ensuring a smooth experience for both the insurer and the insured.

Educational Support

ICB supports our insurance partners with resources and education about common behavioural issues and the importance of ethical behavioural interventions, enhancing the value of your policies.

How It Works

We're open to various partnership models, such as:

Affiliate Opportunities

The potential to provide your clients with discounts for services by ICB certified behaviourists.


Direct Billing Options

Simplify the process for clients with direct billing from ICB certified behaviourists to the insurance company with pre-approved authorisation.


Joint Marketing Efforts

Work together on campaigns to inform pet owners about the significance of behavioural health and the advantages of comprehensive insurance coverage.​

Get in Touch

Elevate your pet insurance offerings and affirm your commitment to the comprehensive wellbeing of dogs. For more details on integrating ICB certified behaviourist services into your policies, please contact us 


Together, we can set a new standard in pet insurance, prioritising the health and happiness of dogs and their families.

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