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Becoming a member of International Canine Behaviourists (ICB) is more than joining an organisation—it's stepping into a world of possibilities in the field of canine behaviour. With ICB, you gain access to valuable resources, professional development opportunities, and a vibrant community committed to excellence and ethical practices in canine care and training. Discover how ICB membership can empower you and the lives of dogs and their guardians.

Professional Development & Continuing Education

  • Exclusive Access to Workshops and Webinars: Dive into a rich learning environment with free access to workshops and webinars led by pioneers in canine behaviour and training. From the latest in behavioural science to practical training techniques, we keep you ahead in a constantly evolving field.

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Resources & Support

  • Mentorship Opportunities: Embark on your professional journey with guidance from seasoned practitioners offering one-to-one mentorship. Receive tailored advice and support that propels your career forward.

  • Members-Only Forums and Discussion Groups: Join engaging discussions, share insights, and seek advice in our exclusive online communities. Here, every question finds an answer, and every challenge finds a solution.

  • Fortnightly Case Study Clinics & Monthly Zoom Socials: Deep dive into real-world cases and connect with fellow members in our casual yet insightful social gatherings. It’s all about learning, sharing, and growing together.

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Networking & Community

  • Promote Your Business: Full members enjoy promotional opportunities on the ICB website and social media channels. Showcase your services, products, or courses to a wide audience.

  • Professional Networking: Connect with a global community of like-minded professionals, opening doors to collaborative opportunities, referrals, and a sense of belonging.

  • Visibility and Outreach: Elevate your profile by contributing to our newsletters, blogs, and social media. Share your success stories and expertise with a broader audience.

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Member Discounts & Offers

  • Exclusive Discounts: Benefit from special offers on a variety of products, services, and educational resources, helping you save on essential tools and materials for your practice.

  • Insurance Benefits: Access specialised insurance options designed for canine professionals, offering peace of mind as you make a difference in the world of canine behaviour.

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Ethical Standards & Professional Recognition

  • A Commitment to Ethical Practices: Be part of an organisation that advocates for the highest ethical standards in canine behaviour practice, ensuring the welfare of animals and the trust of clients.

  • Industry Recognition: Display badges from Pet Industry Advocacy International (PIAI) and the UK Dog Behaviour and Training Charter, enhancing your credibility and professional standing in the canine community.

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