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Dogs journey through rescue, and how can we help the transition to new homes

  • Look at why rescue dogs find themselves in shelter and how this can effect their life in their new home
  • How the transition from rescue can be made easier
  • How can behaviour professionals support adopters with their dogs
  • Rescue vs bought: is there a difference in support?

Tom Candy | Preparing rescue dogs for home life

  • Tom Candy is a Senior Training and Behaviour Advisor for DogsTrust in the United Kingdom. Tom is responsible for overseeing the training and behaviour at multiple rehoming centres across the UK. His duties include assessment, management and behaviour modification.

    A passion for animal welfare and training led Tom to undertake a BSc (Hons) in bio-veterinary science, and an MSc in clinical animal behaviour from the University of Lincoln, UK.

    Having started volunteering in rescue at the age of 15, Tom has been involved in a variety of aspects of rescue, including fundraising, home checks, transporting, and general day-to-day activities. Since graduating from University, Tom has been working as a training and behaviour advisor at a DogsTrust, locuming across 7 centres before moving to the senior training and behaviour team.

    Tom is Clinical Animal Behaviourist with the Animal Behaviour and Training Council, and a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant and Certified Shelter behaviour specialist with the IAABC and a full member of the APBC.

  • 30th June 2022

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