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In this webinar Sarah looks at helping dogs reset, rebalance and release using free work.


Animal Centred Education (ACE) is an integrated approach to animal education and management. It incorporates some of the techniques that were developed at Tilley Farm and those inspired by other professionals working in the world of animal education, wellbeing and welfare. The main focus of this webinar will be on observations, Free Work and gentle handling to help dogs reset, rebalance and release.


Free Work has been inspired by a bright and enthusiastic young bull breed named Henry; it is a simple, structured method of educating and supporting dogs of all ages providing a safe and rewarding foundation on which further learning and handling can be built. Many dogs struggle when in novel situations and many cannot tolerate contact (even from familiar people) when aroused, worried, or in new or exciting environments. Free Work has provided an invaluable stepping stone towards ground work exercises on a line or lead and gentle body contact, including TTouch, for dogs that are sensitive to touch.


Placement of treats on varying heights enables you to help the dog organise his own body more efficiently and work at a pace to suit him, before other learning exercises are introduced. Free Work is now being successfully used by shelter staff, trainers and behaviourists, TTouch Practitioners, groomers, therapists, and canine guardians to support the animals in their care. This webinar will provide you with safe and effective tools to pass on to your clients, and enhance your existing skills.

Sarah Fisher | The 3 'R's': Helping dogs Reset, Rebalance and Release

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  • Sarah Fisher is a canine and equine behaviour advisor and educator. She has worked with animals for almost thirty years and is the founder of Animal Centred Education.

    Sarah teaches Animal Centred Education (ACE) courses for trainers, groomers, vets, veterinary nurses, physiotherapists and animal behaviour counsellors who wish to broaden their expertise by learning detailed ACE Observations combined with ACE Free Work, gentle bodywork, techniques inspired by animals and some modified methods shared by professionals working in the fields of animal welfare, education and behaviour.

    ACE Free Work has evolved over many years; it offers canine caregivers and guardians a unique opportunity to stand back, watch more, and ‘do’ less. It enables dogs to become the pilot of their own learning experiences, with support from their caregiver or guardian. Free Work is proving to be life changing for dogs of all ages and backgrounds; it has helped countless dogs worldwide learn how to reorganise their bodies more efficiently which has had a profound effect on the way the dogs respond to their external environment.

    Sarah is experienced with a wide range of breed types and teaches staff workshops for many of the UK’s animal welfare organisations, including Battersea. She has also worked in Europe teaching staff workshops for shelters and has taught workshops and clinics for dog trainers and behaviourists in Holland, Greece, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, South Africa, Ireland, Cyprus, Romania and Poland. She also teaches online courses and webinars for behaviour and training advisors.

    Sarah gives presentations on a variety of topics at dog training and behaviour seminars in the UK and abroad. She is a regular speaker at the annual Dog Behaviour Conference organised by Victoria Stilwell Positively and teaches in-person workshops in the UK for the Victoria Stilwell Academy. Sarah also conducts behaviour assessments for private clients, animal welfare organisations, and court cases and delivers seminars for a wide range of organisations including those involved in scent detection dogs, assistance dogs, and Police dogs. Sarah is a published author and has participated in numerous television and radio programmes over the years including Nightmare Pets SOS for BBC1.

  • 10th November 2019

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