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Does your dog go bananas when he spots another dog, person, or wildlife on the other side of the fence? Does the thought of letting your dog out in the yard stress you out because you know drama will ensue? This webinar will teach you how to address fence-running and fence-fighting. Learn management and training methods designed to resolve this problem.

  • Ideal for dog owners living with fence-fighters, as well as trainers who want to help clients address a fence-fighting issue.
  • Cooperative neighbours are an asset, but not mandatory.
  • NOTE: This webinar will not address the wide and varied topic of “barrier frustration”, which may include things like indoor barriers, exercise pens, or crates. Rather, it is specifically about outdoor fence patrolling, running, and fighting.

Nancy Tucker | Fence Fighting

£15.00 Regular Price
£10.00Sale Price
  • Nancy is a certified trainer with the CCPDT, and a certified behavior consultant with the IAABC. She teaches seminars, webinars, and workshops on dog training, dog behavior, and the business end of training throughout Canada, the US, and Europe. She has presented at conferences for the Pet Professional Guild (USA), the IAABC (UK), DogEvent (France), and WOOF!2019 (UK).

    She is also an instructor for Fenzi Dog Sports Academy, where she teaches online courses focusing on various topics including treating separation anxiety and learning to use desensitization and counter-conditioning to help fearful dogs.

    Nancy has written numerous articles on dog behaviour and is a regular contributor to the Whole Dog Journal.

    She shares her home in Quebec, Canada with her husband Tom and their Border Terrier, Bennigan.

  • 24th November 2019

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