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Journey with Hannah as we deep dive into the complex area of adopting rescue dogs from abroad.

During this webinar we will explore

  • The rescuers heart: the desires and drives behind adopting rescue dogs from abroad
  • The impact of importing rescues on the dogs, the owners and the community around them
  • The adaptations required to train and rehabilitate different types of dog trauma
  • The Future: adaptations and alternatives to protect dogs and owners from the ‘trauma market’

Hannah Molloy | Rescuing dogs from other countries

  • Hannah Molloy BSc hons is an award winning international speaker, author and media savvy expert in dog and Animal Behaviour. Expert trainer on Channel 4’s Puppy School, Managing Director of Pawfect Dogsense CIC and founder of The Dog Education Project. She graduated with a degree in Animal Behaviour in 2008 and had her dissertation published in the Journal of Applied Animal Behaviour Science, going on to work with Dogs Trust as a behavioural advisor before setting up her first education company and not for profit Pawfect Dogsense.

    She’s personally trained over 10,000 dogs and owners in 10 years using reward based training and now works with businesses and professionals to shape education at national level. She is passionate about solving big cultural problems with simple science and designs user-friendly educational courses tailor made to suit each individual learner from animals to professionals to multi national companies and corporations.

  • 23rd August 2021

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