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In this webinar we welcome back Emma Lee, who will explore the different treatment protocols and practical applications for dogs with fear and anxieties.


In this webinar, Emma covers:

  • What's working for clients right now? What people say is helping them make progress with their dogs who are anxious or fearful
  • Why do treatment protocols fail? Exploring the reasons why people fail to stick to a treatment protocol
  • New insights into the neuroscience of fear and anxiety: Exploring scientific developments in translational research into fear and anxiety
  • Overcoming fear and anxiety: How recent research helps us find programmes that will be more effective
  • Safety learning: Considering why alleviating fear and anxiety might not be enough
  • Practical implications for practitioners: Creating meaningful change for dogs

Emma Lee | Effective treatment protocols for fear and anxiety

  • Emma Lee spent six years as a trustee in one of France’s large animal shelters. She now specialises in canine aggression and maladaptive behaviours in her work in a larger network of associations and shelters, working with clients across Europe. She is also a tutor for The DoGenius Institute, as well as running specialist courses for guardians and trainers.

  • 14th April 2024

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