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Aromatherapy is the use of concentrated essential oils to treat various diseases.


Some of these essential oils are currently used in human medicine in the management of chronic pain, depression, anxiety, some cognitive disorders, insomnia, and stress related disorders.


Research shows the effectiveness of using essential oils such as lavender and chamomile in improving animal welfare.


As well as other types of environmental and social enrichment, the use of the appropriate olfactory stimulation with essential oils seems a promising aid in preventing or reducing stress and in behavioural management in dogs. It may become part of the routine management for veterinarians.

During the webinar, we are going to explore the use of essential oils in behavioural medicine with a scientific but also practical point of view.

Dr. Stefania Uccheddu | Essential oils: A new way to deal with behaviour?

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  • Stefania Uccheddu qualified as a veterinarian from Sassari University (Italy) in 2008. Subsequently, she obtained a Master in Ethology (University of Cordoba, Spain) and a Master in Behavioural Medicine (University of Parma, Italy) followed by a PhD in Physiology of Reproduction and Animal Welfare. Stefania obtained her Diploma at the European College of Animal Welfare and Behavioural Medicine (ECAWBM-BM) in 2022.

    She works at the San Marco Veterinary Clinic and Laboratory (Veggiano, Italy) in charge of the Behavioural Medicine Service. Beyond that, she ensures pet wellbeing and fear-free approach in all procedures, she supports colleagues and provides assistance during consultations, providing special care for pets during hospitalizations.
    Stefania is an active researcher and author of many papers, available at

    Her research projects are focused on pet behaviour, human-pet relationships and methods for reducing stress for pets, especially cats in veterinarian settings.
    Stefania has been invited to speak at several International and National Congresses.

  • 29th October 2018

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