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The webinar explains how to apply the person-centered approach with your clients. The person centered approach was developed by C.R. Rogers for communication with clients according to three basic principles that reflect the attitude of the “therapist” to the client.

The purpose of C.R. Roger’s approach is to increase a person’s feelings of self-worth, reduce the level of incongruence between the ideal and actual self, and help a person become more of a fully functioning person.


Person centered therapy was developed in the 1940’s by Carl Rogers, it was different from previous methods as it was a more empathic approach that motivates the client.

Dr. Simona Seu & Dr. Stefania Uccheddu | Human communication (C.R. Rogers)

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  • Stefania Uccheddu qualified as a veterinarian from Sassari University (Italy) in 2008. Subsequently, she obtained a Master in Ethology (University of Cordoba, Spain) and a Master in Behavioural Medicine (University of Parma, Italy) followed by a PhD in Physiology of Reproduction and Animal Welfare. Stefania obtained her Diploma at the European College of Animal Welfare and Behavioural Medicine (ECAWBM-BM) in 2022.

    She works at the San Marco Veterinary Clinic and Laboratory (Veggiano, Italy) in charge of the Behavioural Medicine Service. Beyond that, she ensures pet wellbeing and fear-free approach in all procedures, she supports colleagues and provides assistance during consultations, providing special care for pets during hospitalizations.
    Stefania is an active researcher and author of many papers, available at

    Her research projects are focused on pet behaviour, human-pet relationships and methods for reducing stress for pets, especially cats in veterinarian settings.
    Stefania has been invited to speak at several International and National Congresses.


    Dr Simona Seu is a registered Psychologist and Psychotherapist – (number 750 – Regional Association of Psychologist and Psychoterapist in Sardinia)

    Simona specialised in “Person and group centered psychotherapy” at the Carl Rogers’ In­sti­tute for Person-Centered Ap­proach (2004, Rome).

  • 17th February 2019

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