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In this webinar Dr Isla Fishburn talks about:

  • What is canine wellness?
  • Your dog as an ecosystem and energy system
  • The energy gateways
  • What your dog is seeking
  • Human-dog co-existence
  • Supporting your dog’s energy system

Dr. Isla Fishburn | An introduction to canine wellness

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£10.00Sale Price
  • Dr Isla Fishburn owns Kachina Canine and Kachina Wellness. She has a BSc in Zoology and an MBiolSci and PhD in Conservation Biology. Isla is passionate about bringing science and indigenous wisdom together to promote health and wellness for all of life, including our dogs. Isla explores how everything is occurring and operating at a cellular and molecular level and how we can understand this when it comes to providing a life that promotes wellness for a dog. Isla is a practicing shaman for modern day life and focuses on healing energy systems and personal growth for the collective. She has spent several years interacting with large groups of captive wolves, wolf hybrids, wolf dogs and other domestic dogs where she learned to apply her knowledge about conservation, wellness and canine biology to educate dog guardians, professionals and researchers about canine wellness, health and conservation. She has taken this further and now also focuses on human wellness and health of all of life, where her motto is, “making health span match life span.”

    As a canine wellness advocate, Isla focuses on many aspects of a canine to improve and support longevity, happiness, balance and harmony. Her running theme is always ecosystem conservation, from the individual level up and she uses a range of teachings, techniques, therapies and methods to support a dog’s ecosystem. Isla has a deep interest in plant medicine and energy healing to improve and support the energy state of an ecosystem – whether that is for your dog or for you! 

    Isla has recently launched an online course that takes you through all things related to canine wellness and the concept of energy gateways that can either create harmony in a dog’s ecosystem or create disturbances and distress. In her talk, Isla will introduce you to the topic of canine wellness as well as other aspects that can influence a dog’s emotional, physical, physiological and spiritual states and what we need to consider to provide a life for a dog where there health span matches their life span.

  • 19th August 2019

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