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In this webinar Annie asks the question, ‘What does your troubled dog need first?’ and covers the following:

  • Adjusting human expectations – seeing the dog in front of you
  • Bird’s eye view – touch, sight and sound concerns for the dog
  • Trauma responses – the body keeps the score
  • Phenix Dogs Case Studies: Jazzy and Princess
  • The canine-human bond comes first
  • Seek win-win solutions and negotiated settlements
  • Behaviour we can’t negotiate and what to do
  • Love out loud

Annie Phenix | Heal the dog before you heel the dog

    • Annie Phenix is an award-winning author and journalist who has helped troubled dogs and their owner for 25 years. She is a Certified Behaviourist, a Family Dog Mediator, a Fear Free Professional and a member of the Pet Professional Guild and other professional organizations. Phenix is the author of two best-selling books:  The Midnight Dog Walkers (2016) and Positive Training for Aggressive and Reactive Dogs (May 2023). Her priority in helping dogs is to retain and improve the canine-human bond with science-backed protocols that are infused with love and compassion for the stressed out and frustrated dog and owner. She seeks win-win solutions for both species.

      Photo credit: Shawna Henrie, Blue Dog Photography


  • 21st May 2023

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