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Jules Ballard

Board Member & Treasurer

Jules is a Certified Canine Behaviourist specialising in reactivity, fear and separation anxiety, an ACE trainer, reflexologist, trauma resolution practitioner and an animal wellness practitioner of botanical self-healing which involves aromatherapy, herbs, crystals, TCM and acupoints.

She recently retired after 35 years as a nurse and midwife to focus full-time on her business; Contented Canines. As well as offering 1-1 behavioural support, she has written several courses on achieving animal balance, wellness and connection, trauma, resilience, enrichment, reactivity and others.

She worked for many years with those who had fears, phobias and trauma and as a human wellness coach. Transferring those skills to animals was prompted by adopting an ex-Police dog that had been removed from service, because she couldn't be induced to bite. Jules will always be grateful for the 6 years they spent together and for everything that Grace taught her, particularly for setting her on her current path of working with animals. She lives in Wiltshire, UK with her husband and GSD Dakota.



Website for courses:

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