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Brigitte Barton

Founder and Director

Brigitte's journey with dogs began at birth, only briefly interrupted when moving from Germany to England. After rescuing a challenging dog, she left her teaching career in 2000 to focus solely on canine behaviour, a decision that paved the way for founding International Canine Behaviourists (ICB). 

Recognising the need for a specialised and progressive organisation that supports and promotes aspiring behaviourists, and valuing practical experience as well as academic qualifications, Brigitte established ICB to elevate the field and improve the unregulated industry of behavioural consultancy. ICB’s success has paved the way for related associations that specialise in supporting feline behaviourists (IFB) and equine professionals (IEP). 

Today, her life with two Border Collies keeps her connected to her passion, allowing her to focus on leading ICB.

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