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Excellence in Canine Behaviour

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If you are lucky enough to share your life with a dog but are experiencing some struggles, choose a qualified, certified, and experienced canine behaviourist from ICB. Get personalised, effective force-free solutions for your dog's unique needs. Join our community for ongoing support and resources.

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Are you a qualified or aspiring ethical canine behaviourist? Enhance your practice and gain invaluable support from a friendly, progressive team by joining International Canine Behaviourists (ICB). Connect with a network of professionals, access continuous learning, and make a difference in the lives of dogs and their guardians.

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Immerse yourself in our renowned webinars at ICB. Dive into the latest, progressive insights in canine behaviour, tailored for both professional behaviourists and devoted dog guardians. Learn, engage, and grow with experts in the field. Sign up now to transform your understanding and approach to canine care.


Welcome to International Canine Behaviourists (ICB), a leading global network of certified and experienced dog behaviourists dedicated to the latest science-based, force-free approaches to canine behaviour modification.


Our association specialises in innovative, fear-free training methods, ensuring the highest standards of canine welfare and behavioural change. At ICB, all our members undergo rigorous evaluation and assessment to ensure the highest possible standards of knowledge, application, experience and care, upholding our commitment to excellence in canine behaviour practice.


As a hub for professional development and knowledge exchange, ICB connects dog behaviour professionals worldwide, fostering a community where expertise and experiences are shared for continuous advancement. Our resources and support extend to dog guardians, dog trainers, and researchers alike, making ICB an essential destination for anyone committed to the ethical, effective, and compassionate understanding of dog behaviour.


Join our community to enhance your skills, gain insights into cutting-edge canine behaviour techniques, and be part of a network that champions the very best in dog behaviour practices.

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