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Sonia Catherall

Board Member & Marketing

Sonia has many years of experience training dogs and supporting their guardians; helping them build strong, trusting relationships. In particular, she specialises in supporting dogs who are sensitive, reactive and who struggle with day-to-day living. Both ends of the lead need to work together in these cases, and Sonia has the expertise to support the challenge of building trust and finding harmony. 

Additionally, Sonia also runs an online membership group which provides specialised ongoing support for guardians. As well as keeping busy with her own clients, she also works with The Dogenius Institute where she tutors other dog professionals whilst also pursuing her passion for learning to ensure her knowledge is up to date.

Sonia is a full member of ICB and a Certified Canine Behaviourist. She holds a range of training qualifications, is an ACE Associate Tutor, and a City & Guilds Scentwork Instructor.

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