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Kate Thornton

Board Member

Kate's lifelong affinity for animals, especially horses and dogs, shaped her path into animal behaviour. Her journey began with a fear-aggressive border collie from a shelter, fostering a deep bond and a transformative learning experience. This partnership sparked Kate's passion for understanding animal behaviour, leading her to become a certified canine behaviourist. 

Today, Kate shares her life with Flo, an eight-year-old border collie whose unique personality keeps Kate on her toes. Balancing her expertise, Kate is a qualified equine bodyworker and actively contributes to both the canine and equine worlds. Her work not only highlights her dedication to animal welfare but also her belief in the unique potential of each animal. Serving on the board of International Equine Professionals (IEP), Kate bridges her love for horses and dogs, enriching the lives of both with her expertise.

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